Hosting Services

Do you want to create a website but don't know where to start? Here are some notable site builders/hosts.

Ratings: Excellent (Best), Great, Good, Fair, Poor (Worst)

Excellent+  $2.95/month - $6.95/month

The E Club 3.0 is hosted on FastComet, and I couldn't be happier with its services. Page loading times are lightning-fast thanks to SSD storage and various optimizations, and price-wise it's one of the best deals around for the incredible features it offers. Support is top-notch in both response time and quality; they'll even help you transfer or set up your site if you need help! The shared hosting plans are Single Website, Multiple Websites ($5.95/month), and E-Commerce, all of which come with a free domain name for life. I could not recommend FastComet more as it is the best hosting service I've tried to date.

Excellent  Free - $25/month

I made The E Club Lite and The E Club DevLabs with Weebly; it's an awesome drag-and-drop editor overall with many powerful features such as a drag-and-drop editor, professional-looking templates, blogging tools, and more. If you want more, you can upgrade to one of Weebly's paid packages, Starter ($8/month), Pro ($12/month), or Business. While there are a few glitches from time to time in its editor, I highly recommend Weebly.

Excellent  Free

What can I say? The inventor of the blog (acquired by Google) has 100% uptime, and I made The E Club World, The E Club Arcade, The E Club+ Blog, WebAspire, and The E Shop Beta with it. Within minutes of creating a blog, you'll be able to write posts and publish them to the web instantaneously, and you can purchase a custom domain for it as an alternative to the free address. I recommend Blogger for anyone who wants to quickly and easily make a fully-functioning blog.

Great  Free

The E Club Wiki 1.0 was created using Google Sites, and I can say many good things about it. From a powerful site-wide search engine (since it's Google we're talking about) to its easy-to-use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, Google Sites enables HTML/CSS illiterates to create good-looking sites in minutes. Unfortunately, the designs are limited and there is a strong HTML filter, so you can only use basic HTML in your pages.

Good  Free - $24.92/month

The E Shop was created with the free-with-upgrades alternative to Blogger. Powered by its namesake open-source software (which can be downloaded at, WordPress offers many services for free, but simple things like custom CSS have to be paid for. There's limited design options besides the various themes and less for free than Blogger can give you. Luckily, some WordPress services such as PollDaddy and Akismet Spam Protection are included in the site for free. I recommend, but if you can get your hands on a server (like FastComet), I would recommend the open-source version more for greater flexibility.

Good  Free - $19.99/month

I made The E Club 2.0 with WebStarts, which uses a drag-and-drop editor to allow its users to push their creativity to the limits more than any other site builder I've tried. But unfortunately, it has some downsides; for example, the editor can be glitchy, domain names cost $29.95/year after the first year (over double the cost of regular .com, .net, etc. domains), and it is challenging to implement more advanced functionality like JavaScript without the editor breaking it. Despite the flexible editor, I left WebStarts for FastComet, the more powerful and cost-effective solution; I would generally avoid WebStarts as you can get more bang for the buck elsewhere. But if you prefer drag-and-drop, WebStarts is the leader in that area.